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    I thought i would update you on my latest adventure, the Xterra Triathlon. I dont have my times right now but I wanted to let you know how it went.

    So I showed up at Snow Valley for the sprint distance tri ( I am not up to doing the full as I have only had my mtn bike for 6weeks). After setting up my run gear at T2, at the bottom of the mountain, I rode/walked my bike up to the lake, which is at 7400 feet, where I set up for my T1. After chatting with my fellow triathletes, I donned my wetsuit and headed to the small man made lake (really it is a reservoir). After hearing about how you need to heed the altitude and start slowly, I got in for a quick warm up, probably around 300yds. The I got out and waited, and waited, and waited.

    The long course guys started first for 2 laps, and we had to wait for them to come around and finish their first lap before we started. After the horn went off we started the swim leg. As many of you know 500yds is nothing for me, so I took off ( not to hard to start, remember the altitude?). I passed about half the field of the first wave and ended coming out of the water 1st, to my surprise!

    T1 was pretty straight forward and I was out of the staging area for my nice leisurely ride (little did I know). The sprint consisted of 1-1/2 laps of the bike course. The first 1/4 lap was up hill (remember the lake started at 7400 ft) to about 8000 ft. I only had to get off and walk the bike a little bit, and then i was on and it was all down hill from there. Unfortunately, little did I know there were some treacherous area that had sand. For those of you who don’t know, sand is my worst enemy. On one paticularly steep down hill section I wiped out and got a pretty nice cut on my right forearm. needless to say I was a bit shy after that so I was riding my brakes down the mountain. Once down, we got to do it all over again for another lap. So it was up the mountain, riding past the lake to the hills a second time ( the long course folks had to do this a 3rd time). Unfortunately, I crashed 2 more times (once in the same place) caused more bodily harm and leaving my blood and sweat on the mountain. Suffice to say I was glad when I came down and parked the bike!

    T2 was pretty fast and then I was off on a trial run (OK so it was more of a walk). Basically we had to run half way up the face, across back down and then back up a REALLY steep hill. How steep did you say, I could touch the road in front of me when I was standing! Anyway, I made it up the hill, back down to the turn around and back up devils hill. Once that was over I knew I would finish.

    Once finished I went over to get my free food and found out I had won a raffle! My prize was a water bottle. OK is wasn’t much, but I won it. I got my chicken burger and sat down and had a nice chat with the other folks at the table. Then they started announcing the winners, and as it turns out, I got 3rd place in my age group. I even got to stand up on the podium ( no I am not going to share the picture, I looked like hell).

    Anyway the entire day was a blast, even though the mountain claimed my blood and sweat (no tears this time ).



    Great job Eric!

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